The Manohra dance is a traditional dance from


the ancient royal palace in southern Thailand.    It is a dance performed by a half-human and half-bird (Kinnorn).

           This dance is the most popular one in Thailand             thanks to its elegant movements and its            sophisticated costume.


                             I learned the Monohra dance from my teacher                               in Phattalung-Thailand.





 I performed the Manohra dance during the Loy Krathong festival in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch in October 2003.





 The Manohra dance is the oldest surviving Thai dance drama. I learned the Manohra dance from my teacher in Phattalung - Thailand.





The Manohra dance is influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism, Nature and the way of life of the people in Southern Thailand.











The movements require a lot of concentration.





 Appreciation by the audience.






Dance performance during the Thai Day at the Thai ambassadors residence in Wassenaar - The Netherlands.











The Kinnon Fonram position expresses a mythical bird. 






 The colorful costume of the Manohra dance.